Basement Remodel

Basement Remodel

Imagine finishing the basement and creating a space where you can rest and recoup after a long day at work. Pour yourself a drink at the bar, kick your feet up and unwind after a stressful day. Have your friends over to watch the game or enjoy a movie with family and friends. Create an office space where you can have the quiet you need to work on those reports. Or design a magical space for your children with lots of cabinets and drawers to tuck their toys away. There are no limits to what you can do!


Every homeowner has their own personal idea of what makes a perfect remodeled basement.  Fire Water Restoration Chicago can help you transform a bland, cold damp basement room into the fresh sanctuary you’ve always imagined.  Choosing a style or theme before construction and design are important. Below are a few popular ideas to get you started. What kind of remodeling do you want?


Home Theater Remodel

A movie room is a specialized type of construction. The advantage of building a theater from scratch is all the wiring can be hidden behind the walls and under the floor. There will also be special features we add to the walls to increase the surround sound effect and limitless options depending on the budget. We have knowledge about where to get high-quality materials at contractor prices and pass that savings right along to you.

Bar Remodel

Our contractors will custom design your basement remodel around your bar, or seamlessly incorporate a small bar into any room. The whole idea of a bar is to make it easy to get a drink and safely unwind at the end of a tough day or to have a place to entertain, whether it’s a liquor cabinet or a full-length bar.

Game Room Remodel

Having a game room is a fun way to unwind.  Leave the day behind you and step into the game room of your childhood dreams. From video games to foosball and pool tables, Fire Water Restoration Chicago can design a room that is custom made for you. Game room man caves are fun to create and fun to build.  Give us a call with your ideas and allow us to make them into reality.

Play room/Family room Remodel

Are you stepping on Legos every day? Tired of picking all the toys up in the evening or worse yet, attempting to have your children pick them up? Think about remodeling your basement into a playroom for your kids, with ample storage for all their ‘stuff’! Not only will YOU get a break but your kids will have their own magical land to play in. We will help you plan with suggestions to accommodate your family best!

Home Office Remodel

Tuck yourself away in your quiet corner of the house – your fabulously remodeled office space in the basement! Whether working from home or just playing your favorite computer video games, this room is all for you. Design it any way you like, and we will make sure it’s all yours!

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