General Contracting Guide

Getting Ready- What you need to do

“The contract is signed, work is scheduled for this week, what next?”  

    • Finalize any additional plans, such as reserving storage space for furnishings or booking a hotel for a few days.
    • Cover furniture and lamps, empty walls and shelves in adjacent rooms.  Box up any fragile belongings, cover boxes with thin plastic wrap.
    • Decide how you are going to live during the renovation.  Ease up on yourself. Don’t beat yourself up for getting behind in your work, cooking, etc.  
    • Select a room that will remain relatively untouched by the chaos and equip it with whatever you might need to keep yourself sane for the duration of the job.
    • Prepare yourself.  There is always a chance there may be snafus in the work and your renovation may be delayed a day or so.
    • Be prepared for banging and hammering and dust. If you’re staying home, you may want to plan activities during the day, trips to the library or visits with friends.
  • Don’t forget your pets!  If they are highly excitable and will be disturbed by the noise and people in your house, look into local pet daycare facilities.