Hail Damage Restoration

Hail Damage Restoration

Do I Have Hail Damage?

It’s hard to spot hail damage with an untrained eye. Hail damage tends to look shiny at times. The size will vary it can look like a hammer strike on the shingles. Possible hail damage or wind damage repairs could be needed on your roof without you even knowing about it. Since you have one year to file a claim, it’s important to get a professional inspection of your exterior done in a timely manner.


Do I Need A New Roof Or Can I Repair Hail Damage?

The ability for roofing contractors to properly repair a hail damaged roof depends on a couple of factors. First is the extent of the hail damage. While repairs can be made to an older roof, The look of the shingles may be off color, as well as the high likelihood that more repairs will be needed in the near future. When problems start happening to a roof it is a sign of things to come.

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Do water spots on a ceiling automatically mean hail damage?

NO. It could be condensation dripping from a pipe or a leak in a plumbing line. Allen Restoration Group will inspect the cause of the water spots on the ceiling. We are general contractors and can diagnose and fix the problem immediately.

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