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Roofing Contracting Guide

Getting ready-What You Need to Do

“The contract is signed, work is scheduled for this week, what next?”

1. Make Sure We Have Access to Your Roof

Tearing off an old roof and installing a new one takes up a lot of space around your home. To protect outdoor items from debris — and ensure the roofers can work as efficiently as possible — it’s important to clear driveways and sidewalks before the crew arrives.

Keep in mind that the amount of shingles needed to cover a roof also takes up a lot of room. Make sure your car is out of the garage or driveway before the shingles are unloaded. Once the shingles have been taken off the truck, you may find yourself blocked in.

2.   Clear Valuables from the Attic

We will work hard to minimize the dust and debris created during your roof’s installation, but roofing is a messy, dusty job. If you have valuable items in your attic, you may want to move them to a safe spot. You can also cover them with drop cloths or a plastic sheet.

3.   Be a Good Neighbor

Before we get started you may want to let your neighbors know that we will be replacing your roof. They may have pets or children who might be disturbed by the noise and commotion.

4. Prep the Inside

Any type of heavy construction on your home can cause strong vibrations that shift mirrors and photos on the walls. It’s best to temporarily remove any hanging frames or mirrors on your upper floor.

5.  Prep the Outside

We perform a thorough clean-up once a roofing installation is complete. Before your roofing installation, cut your grass to a short length, as nails can easily get missed. You should move or cover patio furniture, grills, children’s toys and other items.

If you have flowerbeds or landscaping around your home, it’s a good idea to protect them from dust and debris by covering them with tarps or plastic. You should also remove any hanging plants while the new roof is being installed.

6. Pets & Kids

You do not need to be home while your roof is being done. Keep in mind, it’s going to be loud. If you, your pets, or your children are sensitive to sounds, you may want to find another place to be while the work is in progress.

House Renovation

Renovation planning guide

You want a new room– what to think about ahead of time

  1. In one column, put your wants and in the other column, your needs.  When faced with tough choices down the line, you’ll have a clearer picture of your priorities—what has to happen now and what can wait.
  2. What do you want out of the room?  What is the feeling you want to have when you walk in?  Do you want clean lines, or comforting? What is the overall concept you want?
  3. Window shop!  Start a Pinterest account and scour the web – is a good start!  Consult an architect (we have one!).
  4. Before you meet with a contractor, you’ll need a ballpark of what you can spend—then both of you will be able to talk honestly about what’s possible.
  5. What is your timeline for the renovation?  Give yourself time for time-sensitive remodels (for example, if you want that family room in the basement for Christmas holidays, don’t wait until November!).
  6. Examine fine print of the contract so there are no surprises.  If you have a lawyer, have him/her check it over.
Architecture & Building

General Contracting Guide

Getting Ready- What you need to do

“The contract is signed, work is scheduled for this week, what next?”  

    • Finalize any additional plans, such as reserving storage space for furnishings or booking a hotel for a few days.
    • Cover furniture and lamps, empty walls and shelves in adjacent rooms.  Box up any fragile belongings, cover boxes with thin plastic wrap.
    • Decide how you are going to live during the renovation.  Ease up on yourself. Don’t beat yourself up for getting behind in your work, cooking, etc.  
    • Select a room that will remain relatively untouched by the chaos and equip it with whatever you might need to keep yourself sane for the duration of the job.
    • Prepare yourself.  There is always a chance there may be snafus in the work and your renovation may be delayed a day or so.
    • Be prepared for banging and hammering and dust. If you’re staying home, you may want to plan activities during the day, trips to the library or visits with friends.
  • Don’t forget your pets!  If they are highly excitable and will be disturbed by the noise and people in your house, look into local pet daycare facilities.