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Q. Do I Have Hail Damaged Siding?
A. It’s hard to spot hail damage with an untrained eye. Hail damage tends to look shiny at times. The size will vary it can look like a hammer strike on the siding. Possible hail damage or wind damage repairs could be claimed as damages on your insurance. Since you have one year to file a claim, it’s important to get a professional inspection of your exterior done in a timely manner.

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Q. Do I need new siding or can I match it?
A. The ability for siding contractors to properly match vinyl wood or aluminum siding is next to impossible. The sun fades every surface it hits. Siding takes the brunt of that sun and fades over time. Sometimes a full section or side of a house can be done without doing the entire house Call today for your free roofing repair or replacement price quote.

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  • Fire Water Restoration Chicago owner and general contractor have over 20 years of contracting and roofing experience.
  • Our estimators are former insurance adjusters as well as contractors. They know adjusters need proof to award roof damage repair or replacement.
  • We work with all major insurance companies and help you with your claim if more damage is found.
  • Do it right, do it once!

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