Water Mitigation

Water Mitigation

Your Northwest Chicago based Water Mitigation Specialists are here when you need us. When that unexpected leak happens, call us for fast and friendly service. We will take care of all of your flood clean up needs, from small water leaks and toilet overflows to broken pipes and storm flooding that have left a substantial amount of water in your home. We will get the job done!

How Water Can Affect Your Home

What is Water Mitigation?

Water Mitigation is simply another method of referring to water damage restoration and water damage removal.  Water mitigation is the process of water removal beginning with the debris removal and cleaning, the extraction and removal of excess water and moisture in the property, and the disinfection of the property and removal of mold if warranted.  By taking fast action and calling a professional restoration company, you will be able to prevent additional damage to your property.

Why should I be concerned about water?

Strangely, water can easily be one of the most destructive elements in many cases.  While wind and fire are clearly very destructive forces, water is much more patient.  Standing water that is left unattended will continue to damage the property for as long as it is forgotten.

Where can the water come from?

  • Water overflows such as sinks, toilets, tubs, washing machines, water heaters
  • Pipe bursts in your walls or on your property
  • Leaks in your roof and attic
  • Flooding caused by storms and natural disasters

How do I put in a claim for my water/damage?

Individuals who try to navigate their insurance alone can often find they have complicated the situation further, and are forced to wait much longer than necessary to see their insurance come through for them. Letting professionals who are experienced in these situations help you through the muck can not only save you a great deal of aggravation, they can help speed up the process! Chris Smith of Fire Water Restoration Chicago comes to the table with experience as an insurance adjuster and has the know-how to speed along your insurance claim for your water damage, wherever in the Chicago area you may be. We expertly coordinate our contractors for consistent successful restorations. Call today for a free consultation.

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