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The expertise of your window installation is as important as the quality of the replacement windows you choose. Even the best windows will fail if they’re not properly installed.

Fire Water Restoration Chicago has trained window installation experts on our team. Their expertise ensures that your home will be outfitted with windows that not only beautify your home for many years but also seal out the elements and open and close with ease.

Hiring professional installers is important because serious problems such as water leaks can result from improper window installation. If the opening is not properly prepared and the window is not properly weatherproofed during installation, leaks can occur. As water seeps into your walls it can lead to rotted construction materials and moldy insulation. And if your replacement windows are allowing water to get in, there’s a good chance that they’re leaking air as well.  We all know how important it is to do all we can to keep our heat in our home in the cold Chicago winters. Not having proper window installation means you’ll likely pay more in energy bills for both cooling and heating your home.

Call Fire Water Restoration Chicago today for a free consultation when planning your window installation in the Chicago area.

Window Installation Questions

Q. Can windows be repaired?

A. The ability of window installation contractors to properly repair a window depends most of all on the age of the window. Although repairs can be made to an older window, older single-pane windows allow maximum air loss. Today’s windows pay for themselves with energy savings but of course, the route that you take is all up to you.

Q. Do My Windows Have Hail Damage?

A. It’s hard to spot hail damage with an untrained eye. Hail damage tends to look shiny at times. The size and shape will vary it can look like a hammer strike on the window flashing. Possible hail damage and wind damage repairs could be needed. As Insurance companies allow one year to file a claim, it is important to get an inspection of the exterior of your home in a timely manner.

Q. How Are We Different?

A. Our Chicago window replacement and installation contractors use the highest quality Anderson, Sundance, and Pella windows. In addition, we have been installing windows and doors for 20 years, and are knowledgeable in every situation. Lastly, Fire Water Restoration Chicago realizes this is your project and your decision.  We are there to help you toward the end result you are looking for. Call today for a free window installation estimate.

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